About Aletta Mes

Growing up in a Dutch family of painters, her father, Leo Mes, divided his time between chemistry and painting, one of her maternal uncles was the Parisian portrait painter Kees van Dongen. Aletta grew up in the studios of painters such as Verheyen and Van Zwieten as her father studied wiht his mentors, along with contemporaries such as Karel Appel. Meanwhile her mother worked on her career as opera singer. Her younger sister Iris Low also paints. A cousin, Hans Mes is a well known Dutch sculptor. The family moved from the Netherlands to Canada in 1964. Aletta moved back in the early 1970s to Canada, returning to marry a Hungarian artist, Zoltan Buday in 1977. She now makes he home in Vancouver, as do her two adult children, and two grandchildren.


AlettaMes 2014 Self-portrait Acrylic on canvas

Determined not to compete with her parents she studied ballet rather than art or opera. Careers in dance tend to be rather short by the early eighties she was primarily teaching ballet and working as a choreographer. Problems with her knees were too painful to keep to the rigorous schedule of a dancer and the competition for work is brutal. After some encouragement by friends who were artists she took up the brush and hung up the pointe shoes. She was painting seriously by 1980. Shortly after became represented by Laurier Gallery, Toronto. Exhibited twice at Laurier Gallery, at Now Gallery, and Toronto Dominion Centre, all in Toronto. In years following while continuing to paint and sculpt she published three children’s books text and illustration. Her last exhibition was in North Vancouver 2012, a juried exhibit, her entry was sold.

Diagnosed with a serious progressive orphan neurological disorder, failing health has meant less time can be spent on putting together showings/exhibitions. Exhibitions of paintings are now often limited to her websspace. Fortunately her health has not impacted her ability to continue producing art. Recently she has taken up teaching herself animation to give another dimension to her art using animation as a way to incorporate movement.

Giftware designed using her paintings and illustration are available at www.zazzle.ca/aletteke
Her Father Leo Mes (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Leo-Mes-1928-1974/186513854717348) also painted, as does her younger sister (http://www.facebook.com/iristhepainter)
Giftware is avaiable at www.zazzle.com/aletteke

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